What is ShahiNet?

ShahiNet Sourcing, LLC, is an American company existing for over 6 years. The Company, sources goods globally through exclusive business relationships with growers, processors, and elite buyers. We have created an international network within Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Poland, Lebanon, Turkey and the United States. As traders to the Asian market, our endpoint customer base currently includes; Hong Kong, Mainland China, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Why ShahiNet?

ShahiNet Sourcing is the exclusive distributor of a wide variety of US organic microbial soil cleansers and enhancing products. We additionally offer various water purification products to the Middle Eastern and Regional markets. Our involvement in this market has opened opportunities to source and grow a vast chain of agricultural producers who serve as our import/export partners.

Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers
  • +1 (415) 322-3332
  • shahii@outlook.com

Currently sourcing

Pistachios, almonds, pecans, dried beans, lentils, rice, soybeans, sesame seeds, sugar, wheat.

Pomegranate, oranges, bananas, dates, berries, dried and ripe apricots and figs,juice, olive oil, olives.

Poultry, cheese, crackers, cookies, sweets, snack foods.

Mineral water, soda, coffee, tea.

Meet ShahiNet Sourcing, LLC

Shahinaz Bassiouny, holds a B.S. in Business from Arab Academy for Science and Technology, she is an expert in trade, and sale development, both online and offline.

Ayman Shwike, lends his expertise in textile manufacturing, the brokerage of diamonds and sourcing of medical equipment and supplies to our global trade portfolio.

Ensuring our clientele have access to all trading venues; ShahiNet Sourcing, LLC is launching "Dokkanz (Beta), an e-commerce platform in the Middle East for business to consumer and consumer to consumer goods in early 2019.

"Connecting the World through our Global Food and Agriculture Supply Chain"